By Casket Emporium February 7,2021.

When searching for the right casket company,  the right casket for your family  you will be overwhelmed with the options out there. There are companies who preach the best service, best quality, best delivery methods. Those companies can preach all of their qualities. When looking for the right company to work with, look for reviews. The best reviews out there are Google Reviews. In order to have a Google Review, you must have a physical location and facility. Every online company selling caskets DOES NOT have Google reviews. Another trick companies use is on google , if a review reads Local Guide thats a FAKE REVIEW. They are just third party or even fourth party resellers. Some even buy from us and sell to you.  Contact us first and I will advise you where each online company gets their products from, who the distributors are and the false claims they are AMERICAN MADE. They are just salespeople with no FUNERAL EXPERIENCE, selling 3rd or 4th party caskets to you.They claim this and that and basically call someone like us to fill the order and ship it to the funeral home.  Google Reviews are very important, but when your working from home,selling third party caskets you cannot get verified as a legal business nor get legit Google Reviews. Trust Pilot is another reputable review source. Judge.Me is fake reviews and you can manipulate them to how you want them read.

So when choosing the right online company, choose the one with actual Funeral Home Experience. One with legit Google Reviews. One with legit Trust Pilot Reviews. One with an actual warehouses with caskets nationwide and not a third party reseller. One with the knowledge of how Funeral Directors overcharge and One that is hands on with you purchase. We are the company who makes sure your casket is boxed right, the head panel is correct and their is no damage. We see all the caskets being shipped and go through them to make sure they are damage free. We ARE NOT the company siting home , placing orders to companies like us to fulfill the casket your purchasing. They don’t care if its shipped right, packaged right they got paid and they just sit home.

When choosing a casket online, read reviews and ask them where are your warehouses and do you oversee the casket going out. Do you work from home? Do you inspect the casket going out? Do you see the caskets? Or are they already boxed? We do everything you need and go above and beyond for your purchase, we go even as far as not accepting payment until casket is delivered.

Call us first to save and we will also advise to where everyone online gets their caskets from. We can also advise where they are located and where they ship their caskets from. You have enough stress in your lives, you don’t need the stress of ordering an online casket from someone sitting home answering a phone. Call us for any help.