When grieving your loved one in New Jersey, the last thing on your mind is funeral arrangements. However, this is something you cannot avoid because giving your loved one a respectful send-off is a great way to honor their life. Being prepared and understanding funeral-related expenses will help you figure out where to start. With that said, how much does a funeral cost in New Jersey? Read on to find out.

The Average Costs of a Funeral in America

The average costs of a funeral in America have been rising dramatically over the past two decades. Besides buying a home and a car, a funeral is the next most expensive, yet unavoidable cost the average American will handle in their lifetime. According to a report released by the National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral in America costs between $7,000 and $15,000.

Costs Involved in a New Jersey Burial

In New Jersey, burying a loved one is a pretty expensive affair. The average traditional funeral will have you parting with about $7,130 to $11,300. While the figure varies depending on what’s included in the funeral ceremony, the main costs usually stem from the following components;

  • The casket
  • Basic funeral home services
  • Embalming
  • Grave marker
  • Shroud
  • Hearse
  • Cemetery plot
  • Flowers

The casket, followed by the burial plot, takes up a considerable chunk of the funeral budget. If you get a vault, the cost increases significantly. The good news is you can reduce these costs significantly by buying a casket online in New Jersey.

Who Pays for the Funeral Costs in New Jersey

If your deceased loved one had not pre-planned their funeral, the laws in the state of New Jersey dictates that funeral-related expenses be handled by;

  • The spouse
  • The deceased’s adult children
  • Parents of the deceased
  • The siblings
  • Grandkids
  • Grandparents
  • Next of kin

How to Pay the Costs of a Funeral in New Jersey

Covering the costs of a funeral, especially if your loved one passed suddenly, can leave a significant hole in your bank account. You can pay for these costs through the following sources:

1.     The Deceased’s Estate

This is the easiest way to cover funeral costs. According to statistics, half of New Jersey residents have savings for a rainy day totaling over $1,000. If your loved one was among this half, the process will be easier for you.

2.     Funeral Loans

A funeral loan is a type of personal loan which is used to cover costs associated with a loved one’s send-off. You can get this type of loan from either a bank, a credit union, or online loan lenders. However, you have to have excellent credit. While it’ll help you cover these costs, the interest rates can be pretty damaging to your financial stability in the long run.

3.     Government Assistance

Although the State of New Jersey doesn’t offer public funeral assistance, it’s possible to get help from your county. But note, this only applies to qualified individuals. Some of the existing funeral assistance programs include;

  • Navy-marine corps relief society
  • Veteran affairs
  • Funeral consumer’s alliance

4.     Out of Pocket

Using out of pocket funds to cover for a loved one’s funeral ceremony can be quite expensive. However, it may be necessary if all the above fails. If you must use out of pocket cash to handle the funeral costs, make sure you reach out to other family members for help.

Losing a loved one in New Jersey is hard, but dealing with the expenses related to their funeral is harder. You can make the funeral ceremony less expensive by seeking county-government assistance. If you don’t qualify, find ways to cut on costs such as buying your casket online from a company with a proven track record like Casket Emporium.