When planning a traditional burial for the first time in New Jersey, most people are often shocked to learn that there’s more to the process than meets the eye. They come to learn about so many things they had no idea existed, or are a requirement for a decent in-ground burial. Among the many discoveries, they make during the process is the existence of a burial vault. If this describes you, then no need to worry because below is a brief guide on burial vaults in New Jersey.

What is a Burial Vault?

A burial vault refers to a sealed outer container that encloses the contents of a grave. The vault ensures the casket, and the land on the cemetery plot stays put in extreme weather conditions such as flooding.

Think of it as a protective container on the inside of a grave plot. It protects the casket, its contents, and the land around it from weather and any elements that may create downward soil pressure. This can cause the ground around the grave to collapse or cave in. In other words, the burial vault helps maintain firm ground on the cemetery plot, preventing the grave from being compromised by either extreme weather elements or heavy maintenance equipment. With a good quality burial vault, you never have to worry about the wellbeing of the grave visitors because you will be sure that the ground around it will never cave in.

Burial vaults are often confused with grave liners, but while they play the same role, they are entirely different. A burial vault completely seals the casket, while a grave liner may offer partial coverage, and usually provides minimal grave protection.

Are Burial Vaults Necessary?

While there’s no particular law that requires you to put a casket in a vault, most cemeteries in New Jersey do. While you can always opt for a liner, a vault is the best investment as it completely seals the casket, providing maximum protection to the grave of your loved one and reducing maintenance costs.

Where Do I Purchase a Burial Vault?

As with any other funeral good or service, burial vaults can be purchased from the funeral home. However, the selection of vaults in a funeral home may be limited. Also, most funeral homes tend to overcharge for essential funeral items such as caskets and burial vaults by offering them as a package.

This can significantly add to the costs of the funeral. Therefore, while you can always buy from the funeral home you are working with, it’s a much better idea to buy a burial vault online. Buying from an online retailer unlocks access to a variety of burial vaults, at a much reasonable price.

Keep in mind that burial vaults are usually heavy, which means the shipping fee may be high. So, if you are buying a burial vault online, then purchase it from an online retailer within New Jersey. The rule of the thumb is to ensure that the retailer is well-established and reputable. Luckily, you don’t need to look further as Casket Emporium is just the perfect fit for the description.