Buying a casket is an essential part of making funeral arrangements and an inevitable experience for most of us. It could be daunting to choose and buy the coffin. Amongst other things, you need to take into account the size and exterior of the casket, the materials used, and the price. Also, most people are forced into buying a coffin when they are in extreme pain and emotional about the loss of a loved one. In this situation, their buying decisions are not necessarily rational.

Caskets are considered an attractive and respectful way to transport and to keep the body of the deceased for cremation or burial. However, you should know that no State Law is stipulating that a casket is a must for burial. Most people aren’t aware that there are different options for buying a coffin.  You can find online a high-quality caskets for sale online, which can save you from the high costs that funeral homes charge, sometimes as much as 80%.

So, in this post, we will discuss the online casket buying guide to help you get a beautiful funeral casket to honors your loved one.

Set a Budget

The casket prices can be supremely varied. Coffins and funeral caskets could cost from a thousand dollars to tens of thousands. The average price for a casket in a funeral home is $3500-$4000 that is a lot. Coffins come in different shapes and sizes. So, before you start looking for a casket, it always a good idea to set a budget. If you have a price range in mind, it will prevent you from overspending when you start shopping. With the rise of e-commerce, some companies offer funeral caskets over the internet. You can get coffins at discounted rates online and get it delivered to the funeral home. Under the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC)  Funeral Rule, funeral homes cannot charge you any extra money for handling caskets bought from elsewhere. Hence, buying online will save you a lot of money on casket price and handling fees.

Talk with the Funeral Director

Before you order your casket online, you need to gather the necessary information regarding the casket requirements and the delivery. Since you might have appointed a funeral director, you need to talk to him about any special instructions you need to give to the online casket company before the delivery arrangement. It includes the address where the casket should be delivered, the date and time frames of delivery, the type or size of the casket and more. As the funeral director will be managing all the hassle of your loved one’s funeral, he would know better about the options.

Visit a Funeral Home or a Casket Showroom

Before you go online and make a purchase, you should try to see the different types of caskets that you can choose from. Coffins come in different shapes and sizes, different materials: different types of wood and metal. So, before you make any purchase think about what exactly you want to get and try to take a close look at a few samples; it will help you to make the right buying decision. You can even ask the funeral director to show you some funeral specimens at the funeral home.

Check for Reviews and Complaints

Before you make any purchase, don’t hesitate to check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if the online casket company you are considering to buy from has any bad customer reviews or any complaints lodged against them. Checking the reviews can influence your buying decision. Although it is not foolproof, it can alert you to potential threats and issues. If you know someone who purchased a casket online, ask for referrals.

Buying a casket online is the best way to save on a high-priced additional costs that funeral homes always charge. While it is not for everyone, people who comfortable with online shopping may see it as a rewarding experience.