One of the first decisions you will have to make when planning a funeral will be choosing what type of casket to get.  As a part of the funeral, a casket can be a way of personalizing the funeral service and creating a memorable tribute for your loved one. The casket selection process is a very personal decision, and an important element in arranging or planning a funeral.  Not only does the casket serve as one of the focal points of the funeral service by serving as the vessel for the deceased, it can also reflect the deceased’s personality and specific tastes.

It is important to take your time while selecting the most suitable casket.  You can start by learning about the different features, colors, styles and price points of caskets which are available.  Choosing the most appropriate casket, one that will also reflect the distinctiveness of the person whose life you want to honor, can be a challenging task.  There are many differences between caskets, including material, cost, style and design.   Traditionally, caskets can be categorized into two basic material types; wood and metal.  There are various types of woods and metals used for different caskets.

You can choose many different types of caskets here

Metal Caskets 

Metal caskets can be constructed from basic steel ranging in varying gauge thicknesses, stainless steel, or precious metals including copper, bronze or gold offering timeless beauty and elegance.  Most metal caskets are often referred to as “gasketed,” “protective,” or “sealer” caskets and have a thick rubber gasket surrounding the entire lid which creates a sealed enclosure making it more difficult for outside elements to penetrate the interior of the casket.


Metal Casket


The price of metal caskets depends on the type and thickness of the metal, the production method used, as well as the style of the casket.  The most economical metal caskets are made from standard steel, sometimes referred to as carbon steel.  While not as durable or resistant to corrosion as stainless steel, standard steel is still a strong and durable option.

Wood Caskets 

For those who appreciate and cherish the qualities of natural wood, with its beauty, warmth, and personality, and for those who look for more natural solutions, wood caskets make an excellent choice. When selecting a wood casket, they come in a variety of types including mahogany, cherry, walnut, maple, oak, pecan, and pine. Each wood casket is fully lined with beautifully hand crafted interiors such as velvet and crepe.  Wood caskets are available in a variety of finishes, ranging from highly polished gloss to a natural satin-finish accentuating the wood grains.

Wood casket

The most significant difference between metal caskets and wood caskets is the way in which the lid or cap- the top most part of the casket shell – closes.

Metal caskets mostly come with a rubber gasket inserted and wrapped around the entire edge of the casket shell.  When the lid of the casket is closed a sealing key on the exterior foot end of the casket is turned, a gasket feature designed to prevent outside elements from entering the casket while in the burial state.  Wood caskets, which close and lock securely, are not constructed with the gasket feature.  Also, because of the porous nature of wood, it is virtually impossible to completely seal a wood casket.  If protection is a priority, a burial vault, which is a container that encloses and protects the casket, may be utilized.

When considering the purchase of a wood casket in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area, you should look to a reputable online vendor, such as Casket Emporium, to ensure that you have a quality selection at affordable prices.

You can choose many different types of caskets here

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