By Casket Emporium January 26,2021.

We at Casket Emporium strive to help families save on funeral costs. We are originally owners of funeral homes and we are aware of the costs related to all types of funerals and                     cremations. We founded Casket Emporium , so we can stand between you and the high cost of funerals. We are the only online casket company , who has actual funeral home experience and can talk and help you with funeral arrangements. We understand where the hidden costs of funerals and the high casket markups and vault markups.

When we founded Casket Emporium, we wanted to help families nationwide. We are the only online company with physical warehouses in NY, NJ,PA,FLA,CT,TX,CA,CHICAGO. We strive to make the delivery as personal as possible, without the use of couriers or planes. When we deliver our New York Caskets or New Jersey Caskets, we only accept payment upon delivery as to ensure the casket is delivered on time. We understand the emotions, grief and everything a family has to arrange and organize, the last thing you need to worry about is a casket coming on time from Costco Caskets or Amazon Caskets or from an online company from across the country. When calling Casket Emporium, you could ensure                        on time delivery , either same day or next day. We deliver on weekends, holidays and during the evening. When your looking for a casket online, look at reviews and look for a company thats local to where the casket has to delivered. We stand between you and the high cost of funerals and Call us first to save on Caskets and Funerals.