Clair Series White/Gold



20 Gauge Non-Sealed
White exterior
White Crepe Interior
Half Couch
Adjustable Bed
Square Casket Corners
Fits In Standard Burial Vaults

Casket Dimensions

Exterior width of casket: 28″
Exterior length of casket: 81″
Exterior height of casket: 23 1/2″
Interior width: 24″
Interior length: 79″
Actual Weight: 180 pounds
Weight Capacity: 500 pounds


Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Jackson Cole
Mount Vernon New York

This casket was ordered on Tuesday and was delivered on Tuesday. From start to finish, the service here was excellent.

Christine Morris
Red Bank New Jersey

This casket was constructed well , and the coating was without any flaw. Casket arrived on time, personally delivered. Highly recommend!

Lilian Gonzalez
Brooklyn New York

An ideal casket for an affordable funeral. I needed it quickly, and they delivered within three hours after I ordered. Fantastic all around.

Aubrey Corrado
Mount Vernon New York

Thank you Joe! We were ordering elsewhere until the funeral home stopped us and said order from here, they deliver really quick and personally and no materials at all. This was the ideal company to work with, It was straight from warehouse to funeral home in 12 hours or less.. loved the color and details on this casket.

Lori Young
Baton Rouge Louisiana

I have been in this position to order caskets from Casket Emporium a couple of times. The caskets have always arrived in a timely manner and have been in excellent condition. Great quality, Great Prices and Great Service.

Clair Series White/Gold
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Clair Series White/Gold