Congress Mahogany



Solid Mahogany
Ivory Velvet Interior
Half Couch
Adjustable Bed
Square Casket Corners
Fits In Standard Burial Vaults

Casket Dimensions

Exterior width of casket: 28″
Exterior length of casket: 81″
Exterior height of casket: 23 1/2″
Interior width: 24″
Interior length: 79″
Actual Weight: 240 pounds
Weight Capacity: 500 pound


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tommy Morehead
Burbank California

This was an excellent choice my family and I made about this mahogany casket. About $4000 less than the memorial park’s similar casket. Delivery time was next day .

Andrew Parker
Lake Ronkonkoma New York

Everything was so easy. Joe answered my questions, made suggestions, and had the casket ordered Friday , delivered on Saturday. There were phone messages and text notifications to let me know the status of delivery and when delivered. And I saved at least $4000 instead of buying from the funeral home. This service is priceless and they provide excellent caskets.

Linda Fisher
Brooklyn New York

I saved thousands of dollars by purchasing a casket here. I am very thankful for buying a Solid Mahogany here . This casket was better than the one the funeral home was selling me. The delivery was super quick, on time and as the funeral home stated no materials left behind.

Congress Mahogany
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