The use of a casket in a funeral is one of the oldest traditions that people still hold dear. The casket is one of the important things in a traditional funeral service, and can also serve to reflect the personality as well as taste of the deceased. 

However, selecting a casket for a loved one is not only a difficult but also a very personal decision. The most common types of caskets are wooden and metal caskets and people tend to select them based on their personal choice and preference. Below is all you need to know about wood caskets and metal caskets. 

You can choose many different types of caskets here

Wood Caskets 

Wood caskets are an excellent choice for people who like natural wood. These type of caskets are great because of their beauty and warmth. They are also a piece of art because they can be beautifully handcrafted and decorated to improve their appearance. 

Wood caskets can be made from a variety of woods like mahogany, oak, lotus, lynch, and maple. People normally prefer caskets crafted using hardwood because they are more durable. There are also a variety of polishes, colors, and finishes that can be used to complete wooden caskets.  Wood caskets are environmentally friendly because of their ability to biodegrade and return back to the soil as natural elements. 

Wood caskets are cheaper than metal caskets. Even better, wood caskets can be purchased online to make the process affordable, convenient, and less stressful for family and friends during the grieving period.  

You can choose many different types of caskets here

Metal Caskets 

Overall, metal caskets are normally preferred because of their durability. This type of caskets are created using steel or exquisite metals like bronze, copper, gold, or silver.  Metal caskets are also known as “gasketed” caskets because they have a rubber gasket around the lid to prevent external materials from penetrating the casket’s interior once it’s closed. 

Just like wood caskets, the prices of metal caskets depend on the type of metal used to craft them as well as their thickness, casket style, and production process. Metal caskets made from standard steel are the most affordable. Those customized using precious metal likes gold are the most expensive. 

Unlike wood caskets, metal caskets take very long to biodegrade and are therefore not a preferred choice for people who care about the environment. 

Which is the Better Option?  

The best casket for your loved ones comes down to your personal preference and choice. It also depends on your budget. Some people like the wood caskets because of their simplicity and lower price tag. Others prefer the peculiar decorative touches of metal caskets and don’t mind spending more money. 

You can choose many different types of caskets here

Where to Start  

Regardless of your option, finding the right casket is just one aspect of arranging for a funeral service for your loved ones. While looking for a casket company, it is important to seek the services of companies that can also help you through the whole funeral process. 

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and a knack for arranging cost-effective funerals, Casket Emporium is the perfect place to acquire a casket for your loved ones. 

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