Choosing between burial and cremation for loved ones is a difficult decision for many people. Burial has always been the norm for sending off loved ones. However, cremation has become a more popular practice in the United States.

It is also expected to surpass burial as the new norm for end-of-life practices in New Jersey in the next couple of years according to an article published by New Jersey 101.5. Below are three main reasons why you should consider cremation over burial.

1.    Cost

Cost is the main factor to consider while choosing between cremation and burial. The average cost of a traditional burial in New Jersey costs between $7,130 and $11,300. Although the cost varies based on all the things included in the burial, a large percentage of the cost is usually spent on the casket, flowers, basic funeral home services, grave maker, and vault.

Conversely, the average cost of cremation is lower. Basic cremation – without visiting hours, a memorial service, or other costs associated with traditional burial – costs $2,400. The good news is that the cremation costs can be even significantly reduced by buying a cremation casket online in New Jersey.

2.    Environmental Reasons 

With growing interest to promote sustainable environmental practices, cremation is highly considered in New Jersey to reduce the impact of burials on the environment.

The use of embalming fluids, especially formaldehyde, is common for preserving bodies pending burial. The burial of this chemical compound poses environmental concerns. Formaldehyde is carcinogenic and can lead to brain cancer. It can also leak from caskets and has been detected in wastewaters near funeral homes and cemeteries.

The use of unstainable materials such as hardwood and metal, which have a slow biodegradation rate for making caskets also affect the environment. Burials also lead to land scarcity because large chunks of land are used as a cemetery.

On the other hand, cremation is preferred because it is environmentally friendly. Although cremation is not an entirely green process, many people prefer it over burial. This is because it is associated with less use of embalming chemicals, reduces the use of land for burial, and leads to the conservation of natural resources like hardwood.

3.    Flexibility

With families that are always on the move, having a single burial plot in one area is not very convenient. A convectional burial also requires immediacy, making it more demanding.

Cremation gives people the flexibility to arrange a memorial service based on the availability of family members and also time to travel. There are also multiple options for the memorial service because the ashes can be kept at home. This allows you to remain close to your loved ones.

Cremation or Burial?

Bearing the loss of a loved one is hard. Nonetheless, deciding whether to cremate or bury them is even harder, especially if they did not address how they want their end-of-life disposition processes to be. If you prefer either burial or cremation for your loved ones, seek the products and services of a company with many years of experience and proven track record in funeral services like Casket Emporium.