By Casket Emporium January 6,2021

Death may be as certain and costly as taxes, but consumers are finding there are now alternatives available that lighten the financial burden of funeral costs. Funeral shopping has its own unique challenges, with the emotional component of managing the loss of a loved one compounded by unfamiliarity with the products and services offered. Increasingly, online retailers are stepping up to challenge the stranglehold that funeral homes have on the funeral services industry.

Casket Emporium is an online retailer that offer the same caskets for sale as funeral homes, but at a cost savings and with expanded customer care. Casket Emporium is thriving by offering high-quality caskets for sale at wholesale prices, next-day delivery, and concierge-level customer service throughout the funeral planning process. As the only online retailer with actual Funeral Home experience and expertise.

The biggest change is consumers’ realization that funeral homes offer a service that is subject to the same competitive pressures as any other industry. Funeral customers have traditionally been vulnerable to high-pressure sales tactics and aggressive pricing practices, driven by funeral homes eagerness to charge hefty prices for what was viewed as a unique package of professional services.

Casket Emporium has leveled the playing field, finally providing consumers with alternatives in price and service. As word gets out that online funeral products are of the same quality as those found in brick-and-mortar retailers, the funeral homes may realize too late that the market has been transformed and that buyers now hold the power. Call us first to save.