By Casket Emporium February 7,2022.

Saving money on caskets online, there are many ways to save. You can buy from an online reputable seller like Casket Emporium. The reason you want to buy from an actual Online retailer , such as Casket Emporium is the logistics part. We control all of the selling and delivering of the casket. We can personally deliver to any funeral home with our staff of trained drivers. We have multiple warehouses nationwide, were we deliver from point A to point B, as quick as same day or next day and on weekends and holidays. We personally box and care for the casket thats being transported. When you buy from  Amazon,they take days upon days to deliver a casket and sometimes they don’t even show up. The misconception is that  Amazon Caskets  is the one selling the casket or even manufacturing the casket, thats FALSE they hire companies like Casket Emporium to ship and sell the casket. You can cut the middle man out and buy straight from the distributor, which is Casket Emporium. When you buy from Casket Emporium, you can be assured that the casket arrives on time with no issues. We communicate through texts, emails and phone calls. When you order a casket from Casket Emporium, you can be put at ease knowing the casket will arrive on time. Try calling  AMAZON CASKETS and try to get someone who actually knows about caskets on the phone or when the casket doesn’t come try getting your money refunded. When you call Casket Emporium, you get someone who has a years of funeral home experience and who personally delivers your caskets. We are here to help you at your time of need. We stand between you and the high cost of funerals.