Military Funeral Eligibility

By Casket Emporium Admin March 12,2021

In general, federal law extends the honor of a military funeral for veterans who had an honorable discharge. To establish eligibility, the funeral director requires the presentation of the DD Form 214 of the veteran.

In the US, eligibility for full honors and military funerals are reserved for the following:

  • Selected reserve or active duty in the US Armed Forces
  • Former selected reserve or active duty in the US Armed Forces who honorably left the service
  • Former enlisted servicewomen and men who have completed one or more terms or periods of selected reserve initial obligated service where departure is under honorable conditions.
  • Former servicewomen and men who were discharged because of a disability sustained or incurred in the performance of their duties.

Military Casket: A Tribute Befitting a True Hero

People should appreciate the sacrifices that men in uniform, and other dedicated public servants, do for the country. Their courageous and selfless fight for the people’s rights, liberty, and freedom should not be left unnoticed.

It is worth-mentioning that it is not only these heroes who have done great service to the country. Their families and loved ones have also done major sacrifices. They willingly gave the time and memories they would have otherwise enjoyed with their loved ones so that others may continue to enjoy their freedom.

The rest of us owe these people so much – whether we appreciate it or not. The least we can do is to honor them with a beautiful final tribute that is befitting of courageous individuals who have served the country dutifully. One good way to do this is to view them as they lie dignified on their well-crafted military caskets.

A military casket, as the name implies, is a military-themed funeral box that helps create a dignified last image that men in uniform, regardless of branch, richly deserve. The coffin features a traditional yet stunning design. It may be fitted with adornment and features, depending on the military branch the serviceman served.

The funeral box is often fitted with a matching, beautiful velvet interior. It also has sculpted corners, full-swing handlebars, and 5-pointed star accents at the base.

For an army, navy, or marine, a casket that features a beautiful onyx-black finish may be appropriate. It can be accented according to military branch. For instance, the casket for a navy man may feature a lid, pillow, and interior bedding surrounded by a silver lining. Instead of silver, an army man’s casket may have red lining. Air force and coast guard servicemen may feature the patriotic blue theme with the appropriate accents. Blue with silver accents may be appropriate for a police officer; and black with red accents for a fire fighter.

Regardless of the branch the hero served, his casket may feature the appropriate insignia along the interior panel. This will provide the perfect finishing touches to the elegant and distinct military casket. They’re often Metal/Wood caskets. by the way./hero-caskets/

Military Caskets for Cremation

The above conditions apply when buying caskets intended for cremation. But, the coffin must be leak-proof, rigid, covered, and fully combustible. There is likewise an option to buy an “alternative” container. It has the same shape of a casket, but has a simpler design. It may be made of various materials including cardboard, fiberboard, unfinished wood, or composition materials.

Typically, a crematory would require that the body be placed in a leak-proof, rigid, covered, and fully combustible container. This is for the protection of the departed person’s dignity, as well as the cremation chamber operator’s safety. The container doesn’t necessarily have to be a coffin or casket. However, in most cases, it is the same container that held the body when transported to the crematory.

There is a wide array of military cremation caskets, as well as alternative containers to choose from that are affordable and practical. An alternative container may or may not come with an outside covering. What is important is that it is rigid enough for the operator’s safety.

Some families prefer an indirect cremation where they hold a funeral service prior to the cremation. Choosing a military cremation casket that will be used both for the memorial service and the cremation would be ideal in this case. Another option will be hiring a ceremonial casket for the services, then buying a separate container for the cremation.

Bear in mind that you have the right not to buy a cremation casket. You can opt for an alternative container or even an unfinished wooden box, if you prefer.