July 13,2022 by Casket Emporium.

Metal funeral caskets offer the greatest durability. Steel caskets are graded by gauge: 20-gauge is the thinnest, 16-gauge is the thickest. The steel used is corrosion resistant and provides lasting protection, particularly those models with a rubber gasket seal. Copper and bronze caskets are rust-proof and designed to resist tarnishing; they are graded according to metal weight in ounces per square-foot. Steel caskets are priced to offer best value, copper and bronze are typically more expensive.

Wood caskets are a popular choice for their inherent beauty and dignified, traditional appearance. The type of wood used in large part determines the price. Pine, oak and pecan are typically the most affordable woods; more distinctive woods like cherry, mahogany and walnut are more expensive. The look may be embellished with a colored finish and this typically adds very little cost.

Customers can purchase caskets that are personalized in any of a number of different ways, including based on faith. The interior fabrics may include decorative stitching or designs, handles and accessories can be rendered in luxurious metals, and paneling can include greater detail. Exact specifications are up to the customer, but expect to pay more for personalized decorations.

A final word regarding size. Caskets are typically designed to accommodate a body of 100-300 pounds and no more than 6-feet 6-inches in height. Over-sized and petite caskets are available to accommodate other size requirements and may be more expensive accordingly.

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