September 20,2022.


How Much Does An Urn Cost?

Buying an urn may be the last time that you are buying a gift for your loved one. Besides arranging the funeral and the cremation, an urn is an important part of sending your loved one in peace. However, the financial cost of a cremation may leave little for buying an urn.

In this article, we will break down the prices of different categories and sizes of urns to best accommodate the ashes.

Choosing the correct size

How much does an urn cost

When buying an urn, some people focus more on the design rather than the size required to store the ashes. It is important that you select urns based on their dimensions first rather than the exterior decorations of the vase. You should note that the amount of ashes that will remain after the cremation will depend on the bone structure of the person. For example, a slightly overweight 5ft 7in man will yield less ashes than a taller 6ft woman with broad shoulders.

In general, one pound of body weight will roughly measure up to one cube inch in an urn. Fortunately for you, we can categorize urns in adult or child groups. Let’s take a look at the different categories:

  • Heavy-boned adult: For taller (from 6ft and above) and physiologically larger adults, they will require 220-240 cubic inches. These can cost around $79-$350.
  • Average adult: An average adult (an average height of 5ft 7in to 5ft 9in) will occupy the space of approximately 200 cubic inches. Their average price is similar to the heavy-boned urns, from $79 to $350.
  • Young child 13 years old and younger: A young child will usually need an urn of around 100-122 cubic inches. Urns for children range from $49 to $200.
  • From infant to 9 years old child: Depending on the height and body weight of the child, they would require around 50 cubic inches. The average price for infant urns are around $49-$100.

Other types of urns

While the ones mentioned above are the most frequent types of urns available on the market, you can also find other kinds of urns that will fit your needs and preferences.

  • Keepsake Urn ($39-$79): Instead of keeping all the remains of your loved one, a keepsake urn will hold a small part of the remains. They generally range between 3-20 cubic inches and weigh roughly 3 tablespoons of ashes. Using a keepsake urn is a beautiful way of sharing the remains of the person among your family members and even friends. Some people will prefer to keep the majority of the ashes in one big urn and place them in a columbarium, scatter them away, or put them on display in your home. For the rest, the ashes can be divided among each family member in small portions in a keepsake urn.
  • Cremation pendant ($39-$249): Like the name suggests, they are locked pendants that can hold tiny amounts of ashes, often less than a teaspoon. You can open the pendant through a screw that is usually found at the bottom, on the side, or connected to the chain.
  • Companion urn ($290-$600): These are made for two people who share a deep and powerful bond that the family wants to remember and cherish, even after death. In a companion urn, the ashes of two people can be placed side by side, often in different compartments. Usually, they hold an average of 400 cubic inches.


Buying  an urn for your loved one can be a difficult process, as you want to choose the best one worthy of holding their ashes. Fortunately for you, there is a wide selection of urns at at different prices to both fit your budget and your desires.