November 14,2022

Where Can I Buy A Coffin Online?

1) Walmart.


2. Will the Funeral Home Accept a Casket I Buy Online?

If you have decided to shop online rather than purchasing a coffin in person from your local funeral home, there are several options open to you. You can choose to buy a coffin for sale online from a third-party provider, like Casket Emporium , or purchase caskets through online marketplaces like (which I highly don’t recommend due to shipping worries, which I can provide pictures) , Walmart, Sam’s Club, and (Again don’t recommend due to shipping worries) .We recommend that you buy from Casket Emporium directly at Because we can expedite and control the delivery and deliver as fast as same day or next day.

When buying a coffin through a large-scale online marketplace like Amazon, you will be able to read reviews from verified purchasers with first-hand experience with your chosen casket vendor.The problem with is that they don’t ever even see the casket, they use third party vendors to fulfill orders. There is no control on the shipping and orders can arrive as late as 5-7 business days, we have reviews from customers who called us when their casket never showed up or showed up damaged. You have enough stress planning a funeral , you don’t need to wait 5-7 business days for your casket to come or even if it shows up and not damaged. Please reach out to us for verified pictures of damaged caskets from Amazon.


Buying Walmart caskets and coffins means having access to detailed product information and specifications. Please note that when considering which coffin or casket to buy through Walmart’s online store, you need to factor in additional costs of shipping. At this time, Walmart will ship to funeral homes and also your home address. In general, Walmart sells the most number of caskets of any major channel. We have partnered with Walmart and are the only vendor that one of their major carriers uses because we can control and see the products before shipping. We also have upwards of 200 caskets on Walmart.


See Above with

Casket Emporium

Buying a coffin online directly from a reliable retailer, like Casket Emporium, does have major advantages. When you choose us, you know that we will personally deliver the casket on time and damage free. You will have the direct phone number of someone you can talk to 24/7. You have enough stress at a difficult time and you dont need to worry that a casket ordered from West Coast will arrive on time on the East Coast. Along with the ability to personalize each product, Casket Emporium offers a wide range of eco-friendly caskets, as well as a variety of Real Military Funeral Coffins (there are knockoff Military Caskets out there) ,as well as many others. And unlike large marketplace retailers, when you buy directly from Casket Emporium, you can request a specific delivery date rather than having to rely on an estimated delivery range and also understand we will PERSONALLY DELIVER AND INSPECT THE CASKET.

Other Independent Online Casket Sellers

There are a number of other small online casket sellers that offer quality caskets at prices that are cheaper than those available at funeral homes. Before using them ask them questions such as , do you personally deliver? Is delivery available same day? Do you inspect the casket? Do you actually see the casket personally or is it in box in a warehouse somewhere? The problem with online companies is they import the casket in a box and it stays in a box until ordered and then shipped to funeral home, they don’t even see the casket and if its in perfect condition and if it even works. We on the other hand actually inspect the casket and deliver damage free and more importantly on time, sometimes even the same day. When calling other online companies, they are just sitting in their kitchens taking orders and calling Couriers ( who don’t care, we have pictures of upside down caskets) and they pick up and delivery. We care and treat every customer the same, with our personal touch.

2. Will the Funeral Home Accept a Casket I Buy Online?

Yes. The FTC Funeral Rule stipulates that the consumer has the right to buy their own coffin or casket, which then must be accepted by the funeral home without additional fees.

Do you have other questions about buying a coffin online or any other issues relating to end-of-life celebrations? Casket Emporium is here to help you get the funeral you want at a fair price. Call us anytime and a funeral director on staff can actually answer funeral questions, other online retailers don’t have actual funeral home experience, we do and can help you save not just on caskets but funerals as well.