November 27,2022
By Joe

What are the types of Metal Caskets out there?

There are numerous ways for your final disposition. There are ash burials, casket rental options, ash scattering options, cremations and many other viable alternatives. Perhaps the two most popular burial and funeral service choices for caskets are the half-open and full-open caskets. If you want to know more about which of these two caskets might be right for you to purchase , we have examples of each below.

What is a Half Open Casket?

A half-open casket, funeral home terminology Half Couch, is the most popular casket. If you have been to a funeral you might have seen it several times before. It is the perfect open-casket funeral service casket since it is designed only to have the top lid open for visitation.The upper half of your deceased loved one may be visible. The lid of the casket has two individual pieces that have been hinged together.

What is a Full Open Casket?

The full-open casket, funeral home terminology Full Couch, on the other hand, is a lesser-known funeral casket than its half-couch counterpart. Unlike the half-couch, this casket model allows one to view the entire body of your love one. Common at both funerals and burials, this is a popular purchase for families who would like to have their loved viewed from head-toe. In terms of their basic appearance and functions, the full-couch casket’s lid has just one piece, and it is hinged.

Another factor is the availability of the casket. The half-couch caskets are seemingly easier to find than the full-couch caskets. A significant number of suppliers offer the half-couch in great variety. In comparison, these sellers may only have a few available full-couches options for you. We at have the largest supply of full open caskets on the market. The supply of these caskets is also dictated by regional popularity. For instance, the full-couch casket is a lot more popular in the United Kingdom than it is in the US, Full Couch caskets are very popular in Pennsylvania and in the southern part of the United States.

If you want further assistance on which type of casket to buy, head over to Here, you can choose from our fantastic range of half-couch and full-couch caskets. Each model has specifications and customization options for purchasing that perfect casket. If you want a casket that is listed as a half open casket call us because we usually carry it in a full open as well.