December 18,2022
By Joe

When ordering a casket online, there are some factors you need to take account for. The most important factor is delivery/shipping. Most online dealers offer free shipping. Yes it is true free. The catch is it takes 3,4,5 sometimes 7 days for it arrive. Thats more added stress upon your stressful time. They place the casket on a LTL truck and then its driven around the USA. You then don’t know what’s arriving at your destination, if its in pieces, damaged or even if its the right casket you bought. 99 percent of the online retailers never even look what’s in the box or if its in pristine condition. They work from their homes or kitchens and take casket orders and ship them. I have numerous pictures from these companies with damaged products. The 1 percent of these companies , , actually inspects and personally deliver these caskets in 1 day or sometimes same day. We take pride in the fact that we can actually deliver same day or next day, even holidays and weekends anyway in the USA. We also leave no boxes or garbage at the funeral homes you choose, that’s why most of these funeral homes now recommend us because we make sure the product arrives on time and damage free sometimes days earlier.

Most of these online companies will state they are located in a particular part of the USA, for instance we are located in Pennsylvania, ask them for a particular casket or even to go see the casket and you will get a story of to why you can’t or that “product is not in that warehouse”. Thats because they use virtual addresses and they aren’t even at that address. You can reach us and I will tell you and show you where each online company is based from and who they ship with. If you are in New York, why order a casket from someone in California and have it shipped in, when you can reach us @800 618 4642 and we will deliver personally same day or next day , damage free and worry free. Please don’t take the bait of we are in New Jersey or New York, ask them to go to a warehouse and pick a casket, you will hear no we can’t do that or some other excuse. Thats because they ship from out west. Ask us and yes can come and see and pick out the casket and even follow us to the funeral home, we have done that numerous times. Also if an online company tells you can pick up the casket if you need it quicker, why would you go out of your way and pick up your loved ones casket. We would never ever tell you to pick up your loved ones casket if you need it quickly.

Purchasing from Big Box Stores as well, such as Amazon Caskets and Costco Caskets. Same situation good luck waiting 3-5-7-9-10 days for your casket. In the last 2-3 weeks we have bailed out 60 different customers who have ordered from Costco Caskets / Amazon Caskets and their caskets never arrived or arrived completely damaged. What the public doesn’t know is that Costco Caskets/Amazon Caskets don’t actually house the caskets, they buy from us Vendors and we do all the shipping and they take their high markup commission , Amazon as high as 40% and Costco Caskets as high as 25%. Thats why it is easier to buy straight from we will match Costco Caskets/ Amazon Caskets prices because we want your casket to arrive same day or next day and not have the worry of waiting if it even comes.

To finalize when ordering a casket/coffin online follow this chart:

1) Ask for where the casket comes from
2) Ask if the box was ever opened/ can you show me a live picture of the casket of the box opened
3) Which carrier do you use or can you please personally deliver the casket instead , if they claim they are local
4) Can I get a casket in 1 day or same day, watch how the costs magically go up
5) Always ask for personally delivered caskets instead of plane/carrier method
6) Call and ask them for personal delivery and ask us where all these other online companies ship from

Call Casket Emporium @ 800 618 4642.