February 14,2023
By Joe

Buying A Casket Online? How Do You Know If The Size Is Right?

If you are buying a casket online, you may not be able to view the casket physically, unless you call Casket Emporium and visit our showrooms nationwide and see the casket in person. So, how do you determine the dimensions of a casket and decide if it is the right option for you? The short answer to this is a little bit of research and some knowledge about the different sizes and types of caskets and speak to one of our licensed funeral directors on staff at www.casketemporium.com and we will guide you.

Buying a casket in person was the norm until Funeral Depot became the first online company selling caskets online in 2007. But now, with the rapid rise of digital channels for practically everything, it is easier to buy a casket online. It’s convenient, quick and saves you a lot of time, money and effort. To truly make an informed purchase online, particularly with regard to the dimensions of a casket, you need to be aware of the types of caskets and their typical sizes.

Finding The Dimensions Of A Casket Online

When you are buying a casket online, finding the right size can be fairly easy. There are two key ways to determine the dimensions of a casket.

View the details in the description
Most sellers today include details of the casket dimensions in the product description or in the section with the product’s specifications. You just need to read the information provided thoroughly to get the details you need. You will also need to the get your loved ones dimensions from the funeral home.

Contact the seller
If you are having trouble finding the details of the casket dimensions, you can contact the seller in any of the many different ways available. For instance, you may have an instant chat option, or you could write to the seller via email. You can even simply pick up the phone and call them to get the answers to your questions in real-time. Please visit our site at www.casketemporium.com and we will help you anytime. We get questions such as , Have you ever heard of 18 Gauge Stainless Steel, which some online dealers call it , when they don’t have any knowledge of the casket industry or funeral industry.

What Are The Different Sizes That Caskets Come In?

Depending on its dimensions, a casket can be of any type, namely standard, oversized, child-sized or pet-sized. That said, across various manufacturers and retailers, the dimensions of caskets of a particular category generally tend to be the same. So, for instance, if you want a standard-sized metal casket, you will find that most manufacturers and retailers offer this kind of casket in the same dimensions. So, let’s take a closer look at the approximate dimensions of different types of caskets.

Standard-sized caskets
These caskets are created to hold adults of the average height and weight. As expected, they are the most common types of caskets. The dimensions of a standard wooden casket is around 75” x 22” and the size of a standard metal casket is 78” x 24”. The dimensions may vary by an inch or two both ways.

Oversized caskets
Oversized caskets are designed to hold people with height and/or weight above the average metrics. Double caskets, which are created to hold two people together, may also be included in this category. The dimensions of these types of coffins can be around 83” to 85” in length and 28” to 48” in width.

Pet caskets
Pet caskets are for holding pet cats and dogs, or other similar pet animals. These types of caskets may have dimensions that are similar to those of child or infant caskets, but the shape may vary to accommodate the pets more comfortably.

How To Choose A Casket Based On Its Size?

Now that you know what the common casket dimensions are, let’s see how you can choose the right sized casket when you are shopping online.

Determine the height and weight of the person
First, start off by considering the height and weight of the person for whom you need a casket. This will help you determine the primary type of casket you should buy, such as standard, oversized or child caskets.

Look into the finer details
Once you know the type of casket you need, you can then choose the right dimensions based on the range of length and width options offered. For instance, oversized caskets can have widths ranging from 28” to 48”. You can choose the size that will best suit the person for whom you are buying the casket.

Buying a casket online is not only convenient and quick, but you also get all the details upfront, like the price, the color options available as well as the dimensions. So, why not choose to buy a casket from online retailers like www.casketemporium.com and make the process of funeral planning simpler and easier. Please call us first and speak with actual Funeral Directors and we will help educate you on funeral prices and the industry.