By Joe
March 9,2023.

We at Casket Emporium pride ourselves in helping you save on Caskets.We keep our costs very low to help save on Caskets and Coffins. There are laws to protect the consumers when buying caskets/coffins online. Funeral Homes cannot price match and must provide a Funeral GPL , Casket GPL and Outer Burial Container GPL. If they try to match online casket or coffin retailers they are hiding their profit somewhere else on the statement of funeral goods and services. Here at Casket Emporium we have Licensed Funeral Directors on staff who can read your contracts and general price lists. We are the only online company with actual funeral home experience.When buying an online casket/coffin try to find a company who actually has Funeral Experience and can help you not just with caskets but funeral contracts. We have saved families thousands of dollars just by reading their contracts. We help save you on Caskets/Coffins and funeral arrangements. Please reach us

If you have any questions related to the funeral bill, vault bill and casket bill , please call us anytime @800 618 4642. We stand between you and the high cost of funerals. Ask for one of our funeral professionals 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.