By Joe

April 17,2023.

  Thinking about buying a casket online

Before you purchase a casket online or online casket , there are some factors you must look at.

  1. Which casket you are looking at?
  2. The size of the casket needed
  3. The most important piece the DELIVERY OF THE CASKET.


Which Casket are you looking at?

This is very important , which online casket are you looking at, the color , the make ,the style, non gasketed or gasketed , metal or wood coffin. When choosing a casket online , the company you are working with , should be able to go in their warehouse and take photographs instantly of the different caskets you are looking at, so you can get a better idea of the casket you want. If they can’t do that , run quickly from that online casket company because they don’t even know what casket they are selling you or even know what they have in their “BOXES”. Here at casket emporium, we have live pictures on all our reviews, and can send you a live picture of the casket you would like so you can have a clear idea of the casket being delivered to the funeral home. Picking a casket you would like is very important and you want someone who handles and sees all the caskets every day, not just fields phone calls from their kitchen. You can visit our site and see all the models.

  The size of the casket needed

The funeral home you are working with should be able to tell you if you need what is called an oversize casket. These are special size caskets that come from 28″-44″ inside dimensions. We are the only online company with many different style of oversize caskets coming in all colors and sizes and you can see them here at


 Delivery of the online casket you selected

The most important aspect of the online casket business. The delivery of the casket. When ordering you want an online casket company, who handles and inspects your casket. You also want a company who can personally deliver the casket. As you see below, cardboard doesn’t hold up well when shipping with couriers , such as Old Dominion or Estes Freight. They do not treat your casket with care , it’s just another package to them. When you use an online company that ships 3-4 business days, you run into a BIG RISK of damages to the casket.  You want delivery in 24 hours or less , you have enough stress , you don’t want to wait 3-4 business days for your loved ones casket to come and for it come in pristine condition. When buying an online casket, ask the company  if they personally deliver or is it put on a truck and drove around the country, if they say put on a truck, run from that company, because pretty much that casket will come damaged. When buying online caskets , you want a company who can personally deliver the casket 7 days a week and doesn’t come in boxes and with materials that the funeral home has to dispose of. Some funeral homes will even charge you a fee to dispose of, when buying from Casket Emporium, we come without boxes and we personally deliver our caskets straight from our warehouses. Here is what happens and what it looks like from other all other online casket companies, these are families that called us in a bind and we delivered quick and without damages. These caskets are from Couriers such as Old Dominion and Estes Express. When choosing an online company and they use of these companies , be careful. 


When choosing an Online Casket for your loved one, check the reviews on the company and ask the questions above I have wrote about and we can also show you many more damaged boxes from these Online Casket Companies. If you have any questions please call us 800 618 4642 and we will help you choose the right casket and make sure the casket is delivered on time and in pristine condition. Choose for all you casket needs.