By Joe

With todays rising prices in the funeral industry, Big Box Stores such as Costco Caskets and Amazon Caskets are joining in the funeral industry. They just buy from the small business and put their stamp on the casket. They do not manufacture these caskets, nor store them in their warehouses. They buy from Us and sell them at a higher rate. We are responsible for shipping and delivery of the casket, not Costco Caskets or Amazon Caskets. They do not ever see the casket, nor touch the casket, nor box or wrap the casket, that’s up to the distributor.

We at Casket Emporium, have decided to implement a Costco Casket Discount Policy. If you see a casket on our website and like the casket and are a Costco Member, we will offer you a 10 percent discount on the casket. You will be saving and buying direct from the distributor. The most important factor is we are delivering and handling the casket.

If you also see a casket on Costco Casket, we will match said price on casket and deliver faster than Costco Caskets. By buying direct, you save on the stress of shipping and waiting 3-5 days for a casket.

Please call with any questions and how to save on caskets. We can be reached 800 618 4642. Please also view caskets on