By Joe

In the United States, according to the Funeral Rule enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), funeral homes are required to provide a General Price List (GPL) to consumers upon request. This list itemizes the costs of the various funeral goods and services offered by the funeral home. The Funeral Rule aims to ensure transparency and prevent funeral homes from engaging in unfair or deceptive practices related to pricing.

If you choose to purchase a casket from an outside vendor rather than directly from the funeral home, the funeral home is generally not allowed to raise the prices of other services in response. This practice is known as “casketing” and is prohibited by the FTC’s Funeral Rule. Funeral homes are required to provide consumers with an itemized list of prices for all goods and services offered, and these prices must remain consistent regardless of whether you purchase the casket from the funeral home or an outside vendor.

However, it’s essential to be aware that funeral homes may charge a fee for handling or accepting a casket purchased from an outside vendor. This fee, known as a “casket handling fee” or “casket service fee,” covers the costs associated with receiving, storing, and transporting the casket to the funeral home. While funeral homes are permitted to charge this fee, it must be disclosed to consumers in writing on the General Price List.

In summary, while funeral homes cannot raise the prices of other services in response to your decision to purchase a casket from an outside vendor, they may charge a separate fee for handling the casket. It’s important to review the General Price List and discuss any fees or charges with the funeral home to ensure full transparency and understanding of the costs involved.

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