By Joe


Oversized caskets, also known as extra-large caskets or caskets for larger individuals, are designed to accommodate individuals who require larger dimensions than standard caskets. Here are some key points to consider about oversized caskets:

  1. Size: Oversized caskets are typically wider, longer, and taller than standard caskets to accommodate larger individuals comfortably. They may also have reinforced construction to support the additional weight.
  2. Materials: Oversized caskets are typically made from the same materials as standard caskets, including wood, metal, or alternative materials like wicker or cardboard. The choice of material may impact the overall weight, appearance, and cost of the casket. You would only want to buy a 18 gauge oversize casket and not a 20 gauge oversize as 18 Gauge oversize is heavier and stronger than 20 gauge oversize.
  3. Options: Like standard caskets, oversized caskets come in a variety of styles, designs, and finishes to suit different preferences and budgets. They may include options for customization, such as interior lining, decorative accents, or personalized engraving.
  4. Availability: Not all funeral homes or casket suppliers may carry oversized caskets in stock, so it’s important to inquire about availability in advance. Some funeral homes may need to special order an oversized casket based on specific dimensions and requirements. We have the largest selection of oversize caskets here:
  5. Regulations: Oversized caskets must comply with relevant regulations and guidelines governing casket dimensions, burial vaults, and cemetery plot sizes. It’s essential to ensure that the chosen casket meets all applicable requirements for burial or cremation.


  1. Consultation: Funeral directors can provide guidance and assistance in selecting an appropriate oversized casket based on the individual’s size, preferences, and any specific needs or considerations. They can also offer recommendations for customization and coordinate delivery and transportation. We as funeral directors give free consultation anytime and we can be reached at 800 618 4642.
  2. Considerations for Family: When choosing an oversized casket, consider the preferences and wishes of the individual and their family. Engage in open communication and collaboration to ensure that the chosen casket reflects the dignity, respect, and personalization desired for the funeral arrangements.

Overall, oversized caskets provide a dignified and respectful option for individuals who require larger dimensions than standard caskets. By considering factors such as size, materials, options, availability, regulations, and consultation with funeral professionals, families can select an appropriate oversized casket that honors their loved one’s memory with care and compassion.

If there are any questions with oversize caskets or what size you would need, we can help anytime at 800 618 4642. You can also view all styles of oversize caskets here: