Brockton Solid Oak



  • Exterior: 85.4”L x 29” W x 24”H
  • Interior: 78” x 24”
  • Swing Solid Wood Bars with Antique Bronze Hardware
  • Adjustable Bed Frame (Both Head and Foot)
  • Velvet Interior

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Snyder Family
Little Rock Arkansas

My family was extremely pleased with the quality and appearance of this casket for our father. The funeral director even remarked that it was very beautiful and that felt very reassuring to us. We were also very happy that the casket arrived next day after ordering.

Jasmine Vaughn
Queens NY

Before my sister passed away, she said that she wanted to be buried in a real Oak casket. After a lot of research we found this casket and it was stunning. Joe assured us it was Solid and it was. The funeral home in Queens advised us to use someone who was local because wood caskets come damaged all the time. Joe assured us he was local and he personally delivered a perfect casket, the funeral home even said he is Local and they refer him all the time. Thank you Joe

Xwing Wu
Boston Massachusetts

Hey Joe, just wanted to thank you for all your help! Great wood casket.

Brockton Solid Oak
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Brockton Solid Oak