Owens Cherry



  • Exterior: 85.4”L x 29” W x 24”H
  • Interior: 78” x 24”
  • Swing Solid Wood Bars with Antique Bronze Hardware
  • Adjustable Bed Frame (Both Head and Foot)
  • Velvet Interior

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thomas Warner
Danbury Connecticut

The casket arrived as ordered, in perfect condition and on time for the funeral. We saved a significant amount of money by buying direct instead of the funeral home.

Maria Cordell
Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania

Great solid wood casket. Joe was very helpful with everything and delivered personally on a Sunday!

Anthony Mitchell
Silver Springs Maryland

I placed my order at 8:15pm on Thursday night and Joe personally delivered by 11 am THE NEXT DAY. I was shocked when the Funeral Director told me it had been delivered and it was perfect. Talk about overnight service. Thanks Joe

Vivian Hamilton
White Plains New York

Nice wood casket. Extremely satisfied customer. We were recommended by the funeral home to call them, since their prices are really high. They said they have fast delivery, no materials and the owner is professional. They would only recommend Casket Emporium if you were buying online. Grateful customer.

Jimmy Wu
Flushing New York

I wood like to thank Casket Emporium for the outstanding service provided to my family during this time of grief. The price of the casket was the cheapest of all the places I checked. Good Quality. Also Joe (Owner) also went out his way to answer and provided my family with any additional services we needed. As far as delivery of my purchases Joe (Owner) made sure everything was there on time even earlier. I would recommend Casket Emporium to anyone looking for good Quality and excellent service.

Owens Cherry
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