December 3,2022
By Joe

A funeral package is a combination of services offered at a fixed price usually by your funeral home that can help you save on funeral costs but that’s not true. Funeral Homes offer packages but if you ask for an itemization of the costs, it usually comes out less. They like to offer caskets in these packages, but by removing the casket and itemizing and buying a casket online it comes out far less.Always ask for a breakdown and GPL. The casket in these packages is usually a very minimum metal casket or non gasketed casket. Here are some non gasketed caskets , these are usually in these packages, we sell them far less than funeral homes.

People can opt for packages depending on the types of funerals they are looking to organize. The cheapest costs offered by most funeral homes is that of a direct burial or immediate burial, making it the right choice for those under financial duress. Some funeral homes if they are reputable usually will offer a free one hour visitation before the direct or immediate burial.

Paying for funeral services can be challenging, with over 25 years of experience in the funeral industry Casket Emporium can help you save on funerals and caskets. We offer free funeral planning advice, to help you save on funeral costs. Call us first before planning a funeral and we will show you the pitfalls.

The Funeral Rule was put in place to help families during funeral arrangements. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) established the Funeral Rule in 1984 to protect consumers of funeral services. Some of the right you have under this rule are:

The right to see a written price list of the services offered by the funeral home, known as the General Price List (GPL). The right to buy your own casket or urn from somewhere other than the funeral home and they must accept the products free of charge.
The right to provide only the services you wish for without having to opt for a package or less than needed funeral services. So you should remember that choosing a funeral package is entirely optional and no funeral home can force you to do so if it is not the right choice for you.

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