December 3,2022
By Joe Owner

Costs of Oak Caskets

There are many factors that will determine the final cost of your casket. On average, an oak wood casket will cost you at least $2000 for a very basic model. Since it is a higher quality wood, it is priced higher than lower end wood caskets such as Veneer Poplar or Veneer Hardwood.

However you can save thousands of dollars on the price of an oak casket by buying it online instead of from your funeral home. For example, at we offer several Oak casket options at a fraction of the price that you would pay at your funeral home. We are the only online seller who sells real Oak Caskets, the ones you see from other online companies are mostly veneer disguised as Oak. If you would like a real Oak Casket, look no further than a Batesville Casket Company Oak Casket.

Advantages of Oak Wood Caskets

A wood casket is the best option for anyone who is looking to buy a strong casket that is not made of metal. Wood caskets can be of many types, but if you are trying to decide on a strong wood casket, you should seriously consider opting for an oak casket, cherry or mahoghany. It is a great option for those who want durability at a reasonable price, when buying from

An oak casket has a very natural look which is evergreen and versatile. It is hard to go wrong with an oak wood casket, which makes it a safe choice for those who are confused about picking a casket. Additionally, much like a metal or steel casket, you can find oak caskets which are both half couch and full couch to suit the needs of your funeral viewing most appropriately. When looking online for an Oak Casket, you will see so many but if you want a real Oak Casket look no further than A top notch American made Casket from Batesville Casket Company.

Buying an Oak Casket Online

While you certainly have the option for visiting a funeral home to buy your casket, you will likely find more customizable options at better prices through online casket retailers such as Remember to keep in mind that no funeral home can deny your casket because it has been bought elsewhere under The Funeral Rule established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Ask the funeral home if they sell Oak Caskets. They all do and usually buy from Batesville Casket company. The costs are very high but when you buy from Casket Emporium, we can sell you a Batesville Oak Casket for 50% Less than the funeral home.

At Casket Emporium, we have the only real solid oak caskets online.They are real Oak Caskets and all have a distinguished look. The casket has a textured finish and walnut stain and are always available. Even if you are seeking a very specific type of oak casket, chances are you can find it online for a reasonable price if you are willing to spend some time doing the research. Contact us @800 618 4642 and we will help you with a real Oak Casket.