December 9,2022

By Joe:


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Costco Caskets

It’s no secret that costs are rising everywhere right now. Whether it’s food, gasoline, or anything else on your shopping list, soaring prices might lead you to consider bulk shopping at stores like Costco to save money.

The same mindset applies when it comes to funeral planning, and caskets are a significant part of funeral expenses. Costco caskets are popular because the public believes they are saving a lot of money with this option. While there might be some truth to this, you’re not saving as much as you think.

In this blog, we’re outlining several misconceptions about Costco caskets. Read on to see why you may need to think twice about buying caskets from Costco.

#1: They Aren’t Costco’s Caskets
When you choose to buy Costco caskets, you likely believe that Costco directly manufactures the caskets. This is not the case, and this information is not clearly communicated by Costco.

The truth is that Costco isn’t a casket manufacturer. When you buy a coffin from a Costco store, you aren’t buying this brand’s product. Instead, you’re buying a casket from a distributor such as Casket Emporium or others.

What this means is that Costco is the middle man. You’ll choose a casket on Costco’s website and then pay Costco their fee (which, by the way, is a pretty substantial markup). The casket is then ordered from a third-party distributor such as Casket Emporium or someone else. They pick and choose their vendors and then strong arm them to lower their prices and then they uncharge it.

So, as you browse to buy Costco caskets, what you’re really looking at are options from Casket Emporium or others. Buying directly from us cuts out the middle man and their fees.

#2: You Can’t See Them in Store
Another misconception is that you can walk into a Costco warehouse and see their selection of caskets. This is false. You can’t see the casket you are going to buy until it’s delivered, although you may request a sample. This is the downfall of buying anything online.

Costco customers order their caskets online and then they are delivered directly to you, hopefully damage free and on a timely fashion. This is a convenient option, but it means you’ll never see the casket until its arrival, if it even comes at all.

Keep in mind that Costco doesn’t have a physical location where you can see the caskets up close. If you want to see what the caskets look like inside, you won’t. If you buy direct from Casket Emporium, we will show you what they look like inside and outside.

#3: You’ll Pay 25% More
This is perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to buying Costco caskets. It’s true that they offer a wide range of casket prices, however, this price largely depends on the material and quality. However, since Costco is the middle man, you’ll pay more than necessary, they strong arm vendors to lower their prices and then upsell it. We have actual emails from their buyers proving this point. They only offer a low amount of caskets due to Skus and if the vendor doesn’t sell a quota, they remove the product and hence hurting the public and the member. We have emails to those facts as well.

How much more will you pay for a Cosco casket? There’s a 25% markup on top of the distributor’s fee. By buying caskets directly from Casket Emporium, you can save as much as 25% right from the beginning and we will beat their prices.

#4: Costco Doesn’t Sell Caskets to All States
Most people in the continental US won’t have a hard time getting Costco caskets. But if your in the middle of state and order a casket it may take upwards of 7 Business days. They don’t tell you that and leave it on the vendors hands to figure it out, how to get a casket somewhere not local. But what about those in Alaska or Hawaii?

Unfortunately, Costco does not ship anywhere outside of the continental US. The good news is that Casket Emporium will deliver to Hawaii (Honolulu only) as well as Alaska. While the delivery fees are higher than the continental US, we’ll ensure that you receive your casket at a fair price and on time within 1 day period.

#5: You’ll Wait Longer to Receive the Casket
Costco claims to deliver your casket within 3 business days of ordering- but you have to pay attention to the time of day that you order. Ordering a casket at10:01 AM or later will require an additional business day for delivery.

Delivery works a lot different with Casket Emporium. You can expect your casket within 1 business days.

We also offer overnight white glove delivery. There is clearly no way that you can get that kind of customer service from Costco.

Get Caskets Directly from Casket Emporium
Costco is often touted as an affordable source for caskets, but as you can see this is far from the truth. Not only will you pay more than buying directly from Casket Emporium, but you may also have to wait longer to receive your casket.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a casket from Costco, consider the options from Casket Emporium instead. Our wide selection, fast delivery, and guaranteed quality will ensure that you find the perfect casket for your loved one.

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