January 14,2022

By Joe.

When shopping for a casket online , you want to buy direct from the online casket company. All online companies ship direct and there are no 3rd party shipping and or vending. Costco Caskets uses 3rd party vendors and they are not their caskets, same as Amazon Caskets. Caskets come routinely late, damaged and sometimes 4-5 days later. We have enclosed a picture we have received from the shipping company. Caskets are on top of each other and boxes are ruined.
The way Costco Caskets promotes the caskets, the consumer thinks it comes from one of their warehouses, when in fact it comes from online casket companies. Its easier and the costs are the same and shipping is then controlled by us. There are no savings from Costco Caskets, when in fact its less in price buying direct from the vendors they use on Costco Caskets and we can control the shipping , when Costco Caskets promises 1-3 business days. Thats actually false and sometimes its upwards of 5 business days. Please call us for some letters of testimonial from Costco Caskets members that their casket never arrived.

When you buy an online casket, you want 1 day or same day shipping which Casket Emporium can and has done before. You don’t want to wait 5-7 business days. When shopping for an online casket purchase buy direct from one of the many casket companies selling caskets online. The prices are the same as Costco Caskets, the quality is identical but the shipping is controlled by us.

If you plan on buying from Costco Caskets, call us first at www.casketemporium.com and we will meet the cost of Costco Caskets and also provide a $100.00 Coupon off the casket as well. We want your casket to arrive on time and damage free and personally delivered by one of our employees. You have enough stress planning a funeral, you don’t want to wait for a Casket to come from Costco Caskets, when its not even their caskets.

Call us first, so we can help you save www.casketemporium.com and instead of seeing a low inventory of caskets from Costco Caskets , see our large selection of over 300 different caskets. Please don’t forget to mention the $100.00 coupon as we will match Costco Caskets and save you an additional $100.00.