Some people are unsure whether a NY oversized casket is the right choice for the funeral they are planning. These days, oversized caskets are almost always readily available from the same sources that offer standard sized caskets, and customers who need oversized caskets should expect similar selections and prices that are not too far off from those of standard sized caskets. If you’re looking for a little more information on oversized caskets in NY, continue the article below:

NY Oversized CasketsNY Oversized Caskets | How Big Are They?

NY oversized caskets are generally considered those that are larger than the standard size, in at least one of the following dimensions: length, larger than 84 inches; width, larger than 28 inches, height, larger than 23 inches. Those dimensions are the limit of most “standard sized” caskets and, as you have probably already noticed, most human bodies can easily fit into a casket of those proportions. But, for a good percentage of all people (as much as 10% of the population), those dimensions result simply in too tight of a fit. Fortunately, oversized caskets are available in a wide variety of sizes that exceed those dimensions. A typical oversize casket can be up to 90 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 30 inches tall..

Oversized Caskets in NY | Who Uses Them?

Someone does not necessarily need the extra space of an oversized casket to be buried buried one. They can be used for a person of any size, with internal modifications (such as packing with extra cushions) made to accommodate those bodies that do not need the extra space. With the rising levels of obesity in the US, mass produced caskets are being made in larger and larger sizes so as to accommodate demand for oversized caskets. For this reason, many funeral consumers have found that they can get lower-than-average prices on large, oversize caskets that retailers and manufacturers may have a surplus of in their inventory. To save some money on the overall cost of a loved one’s funeral and burial services, many families will simply add an extra layer or two of cushioning to an oversize casket. (And, in fact, since the casket will end up buried, some families even forgo the added cushioning.) So anybody can be buried an oversized casket, and, in today’s economy, oversized caskets may even offer an excellent opportunity for financial savings for people who might otherwise need a standard sized casket.

Looking for Quality & Affordable NY Oversized Caskets?

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