When it comes to choosing NY caskets, a lot consumers don’t really know what they are looking for, especially if it’s their first time arranging a funeral or if the death was sudden and unexpected. Caskets can come in a variety of materials, sizes, colors, and styles, and many people don’t even know the first thing about them or how they differ. Below we will go over the basics of the two main types of materials used to construct NY caskets:

NY CasketsNY Caskets | Wood Caskets:

Wood caskets can also be divided into two subcategories: solid wood caskets and wood veneer caskets. Both look very alike and usually have natural wood coloring. They are most commonly made out of Oak, Spruce, Redwood, Maple or Cherry wood. In most cases, solid wood caskets are much more expensive than those one made out of wood veneer. Because of that, budget will play a roll in which style to choose.

Mahogany, Walnut, and Cherry are considered to be some of the most elegantly crafted wood caskets. Caskets crafted from Maple have great strength and hardness.  Oak is renowned for its highly recognizable graining pattern, making it a favorite of many families. There are other varieties of finish, colors and polishes to choose from in our wood casket category, and your funeral director will be there every step of the way as you make your selection. Wood caskets have a dignified look that emphasizes the workmanship used in making them.  The prices of wood caskets will vary depending on the type of wood used, the type of finish and interior materials.

Caskets in NYCaskets in NY | Metal Caskets

Metal caskets can be made from different kinds of metal including steel, copper or bronze. Plus they also have different wall thicknesses. The most common metal caskets are made from 18 or 20 gauge metal. What’s the difference between 18 gauge casket and 20 gauge casket, you ask? It’s simple, the smaller number means the thicker the metal.  The thicker the metal that it is casket made out of, the durable lasting the casket will be, but also the higher the price. Some caskets have a special, gasket seal built-in, which is useful when the body needs to be transported long distances. This seal will ensure the better preservation of the deceased. Metal caskets can be made in different styles and different colors, so the choice is really about what you like and what best fits your budget.

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